Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Fortune Cookies [Kue Keberuntungan]

[sorry not translate yet - maaf belum di translate]
A lot of cookies that gave me many nice and sweet fortunes, so I just take part of them to share with you all… enjoy with that fortune cookie then !
Thu, 22 May 2008, 17:48:57-0400

Some sweet crunchies for my sweet crunchy sweets.
(Now that’s a better fortune?) -LJ-

Whether take out or dine in, every one’s favorite Chinese food is …. You guessed it “The fortune Cookie”.

A journey of a thousands mile a begins with a single step.

Rx for love: hug, kiss, repeat.

The wait is over

Tomorrow you will captivate someone with your smile.

Believed and it is so.

Get more fortune?

All of your hard work will soon be rewarded (with a heavier workload).

A single rose has many throns.

Indulge your inner shopper today.

Your head and your heart – don’t used without the other.

Your talent is recognized by many.

Get more fortune?

Your love will put a smile on someone’s face.

Beauty lies within. Magic lies in revealing it.

Things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Sometimes love can be found in the last place you’d expect.

The story of your life is written on many hearts.

Get more fortune?

Your future holds a bounty of love and laughter.

You will be happy in love.

Today you will attract many admirers.

You hold the key to someone else’s happiness.

Today will be a great hair day.

Get more fortune?

Don’t hide from love.

Today is a good day to mend fences.

You have a way of spreading joy where ever you go.

True love means sharing the remote control.

Today is a good day to call a friend.

Get more fortune?

When love came knocking at the door, make sure it’s unlocked.

To see love, close your eyes and open your heart.

You are the star of your own reality show.

The language of love is filled with typos.

Today’s goal : Make a new friend!

Get more fortune?

If you were in a reality show, you’d be the one every one wants to win.

Your dreams are within reach.

Chocolate is the answer.

Change your routine and you’ll change your life.

Everything you touch today will begin to blossom.

Get more fortune?

An unexpected kiss is coming your way.
The answer is yes.
You have many reason to smile.
Someone close to you will amaze you.
This day will bring you a moment you will never forget.
Get more fortune?

Nothing says forever like a tattoo.

Speak up – let your voice be hard.

Tread lightly. Promised and hearts are easily broken.

The universe is about to give you a big hug.

Put your left foot in, and shake it all about.

Get more fortune?

It’s my good fortune to know someone as nice as you.
Have a wonderful day.
Thanks for anythings nice memories that you gave for me :-)

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